Week 11

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Minimalism and Pop Music

See (second half of) presentation

Indicative Seminar Discussions

Choose one of the followings questions (or come up with your own) and be prepared to discuss it:

  1. How does minimalism in art relate to minimalism in music, if at all?
  2. Why have minimalist composers such as Michael Nyman and Philip Glass been so successful in writing film music?
  3. Discuss Brian Eno’s cross-domain work in visual art and music.
  4. Identify and be prepared to demonstrate and discuss a few examples of the use of minimalism in popular culture.
  5. Perform Riley ‘in C’.  Material here: http://academic.brooklyn.cuny.edu/music/dcohen/coremusic/pdf/Pitch_In-C_Change.pdf


In groups, look at the score of Cornelius Cardew’s Treatise.  Pick between one and five pages, rehearse and prepare a performance.  Consider what you’ve done as a group and why you’ve done it.