Course Overview

Easter vacation



The portfolio elements should be submitted to the tutor during the course (to the tutor’s tray by 5:30 in week 5, Thursday 2nd March and by 5:30 on week 9, Thursday, 30th March, respectively).  Electronic versions should also be submitted to Grademark/Turnitin by 2pm on Wednesday May 10th 2017.

The final essay should be submitted to Grademark/Turnitin by 2pm on Wednesday May 10th 2017.



Please plan to attend all classes and arrive on time. Please be courteous to the collegial community we are creating this semester by not conversing with others during class lectures; be mindful during the class that this is time is designed to give you guided practice with some of the tools you will need in order to complete your assignments.

Participation means being an active member of the dialogue. It consists of doing one or more of the following: being prepared for class and writing comments in your notes and in the Facebook group, by making observations about the readings and exercises, by asking questions, by staying on topic. In class, taking notes, actively working on in-class exercises instead of unrelated activities like email, chat and general web surfing, and actively listening lends to better discussion.

Unexpected problems happen (serious illness, etc.), it is important to let me know so we can make appropriate changes to your schedule. If you will miss class for whatever reason, let me know as soon as possible so we can make alternative arrangements for this as well.