NB This weekly guide is updated regularly.  Please refer to this webpage live rather than printing it all out and referring to that.  Feel free to print out what you want, but bear in mind that it will be out of date quickly.

This version of Music in Context seeks to expand musical experience and familiarity with a variety of musical styles and genres. An understanding of the contextual development of music, which is often determined by factors that lie outside issues of artistic expression, is encouraged, and the importance of political and social aspects of the creative environment. In considering these issues, music from a range of musical periods and cultures will be examined, in order to place them within an appropriate historical, cultural and aesthetic framework. The delivery of the module is structured around the consideration of modernism and experimentalism in music amongst other themes.

The development of listening and comprehension skills and the application of appropriate research and analytical methodologies complement contextual exploration, and students are required to demonstrate awareness of a range of appropriate technical abilities.

Assessment comprises a portfolio of stylistic exercises, designed to confirm the student’s stylistic familiarity and technical competence, and an independently-researched essay that will ensure that the critical skills acquired at level one are fully exercised in writing.


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